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International Student Refund of Fees


To ensure that William Angliss Institute (WAI) complies with provisions under the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) framework, the Standard Codes 2018, and Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) requirements.

To ensure that WAI implements a fair and equitable refund policy for international students and intending international students who have made payment to undertake a course of study at William Angliss Institute (WAI) in Melbourne/Sydney.



William Angliss Institute (WAI) will refund all pre-paid fees not utilised by an international student or intending international student within two weeks of the default in relation to a course if:

  • the Institute fails to deliver the course on the agreed start date; or
  • the course ceases to be provided by the Institute after it starts and before it is completed; or
  • the course is not provided in full because a sanction has been imposed on the Institute by Australian government agencies; and the student has not withdrawn before the default day.

WAI will report a provider default via PRISMS within 3 business working days to the Secretary (or delegate) and Tuition Assurance Scheme, and default outcome within 7 days.

WAI discharges its obligation to refund where a place in an alternative course is arranged at the Institute’s expense and the offer is accepted by the student in writing.



WAI will refund all pre-paid fees not utilised, excluding an AUD$750 administration processing fee and any non-refundable deposits paid, paid by an international student or intending international student within four weeks of receipt of a written claim in relation to a course if:

  • a student provides more than 28 days’ notice from course commencement of withdrawal from course; or
  • a student visa application is rejected or visa renewal is refused on or before census date; or
  • a student fails to meet course progression rules and is thus not permitted to re-enrol and the tuition fees were paid in advance of the notification of the exclusion from further studies at the Institute; or
  • a student withdraws from the course and returns home before a course commences because of exceptional and extenuating circumstances of a compassionate nature such as a death or severe illness in the immediate family; or
  • a student fails to meet the entry requirements as per the offer letter and course deferment is not possible; or
  • a student holds a Department of Home Affairs - approved transfer and unconditional letter of offer to another institution where a letter of release is not required.


NO REFUNDS DUE TO STUDENT DEFAULT (excluding visa refusal)

WAI will not refund any money paid by an international student or intending international student in relation to a course if:

  • a written claim for the student’s withdrawal from the course at that location is received less than 28 days before the starting date of the course or after the course commencement date; or
  • the student provides false or misleading information; or
  • the student makes false declaration on the application form; or
  • the student submits fraudulent documents; or
  • the student fails to disclose previous visa refusal or cancellation
  • the student does not commence the course on the agreed start date and has not previously withdrawn; or
  • the student’s failure to start the course at the location on the agreed starting day; or
  • a deferment request is received after the starting date of the original course commencement; or
  • the student fails to pay the required tuition fees; or
  • the student breaches any condition of their student visa; or the student misbehaves or is in breach of any enrolment conditions; or
  • the student has been granted permanent residency or any other visas; or
  • suspension or deferment is not approved. Where a suspension is approved by WAI for “compassionate & compelling” circumstances any pre-paid tuition fees not utilised will be transferred to the next study period.

All transferred fees are not refundable and subject to a no further transfer condition.



Deposits for principal course are not refundable unless in the case of visa rejection.



Students who have arrived in Australia and apply for refund of Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) premium will be subject to the designated OSHC company’s refund policy and procedures. Application should be made directly to the OSHC provider. Students who have not yet arrived in Australia and have prepaid OSHC premium to WAI, will be fully refunded their OSHC premium through application to William Angliss Institute.

Application should be made by submitting an Application for Refund with William Angliss Institute.



WAI may arrange, at the discretion of the Institute, for another course, or part of a course, to be provided to an international student or intending international student as an alternative to refunding course money.

Should an international student or intending international student agree to accept the alternative course to receiving a refund of course money, William Angliss Institute is no longer liable to refund the student money owed for the original enrolment.



Apart from instances of provider default where no Application for Refund is required, an international student or intending international student must make a claim for a refund by completing the Request Form for International Student for the attention of:

  • Manager - Angliss International Office
    William Angliss Institute
    555 La Trobe Street,
    Melbourne 3000

The claim must identify the reason for the refund and must include supporting documentation according to the circumstances such as:

  • A letter from the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) advising of a rejection of the student visa application or a refusal to extend a student visa; or
  • Proof of compassionate and/or compelling circumstances that may prevent the student upholding the enrolment agreement that may include:
    • Serious illness or medical condition that prohibits them from continuing their studies.
    • Bereavement of close family members such as parents or grandparents (where possible a death certificate should be provided).
    • Major political upheaval or natural disaster in the home country requiring their emergency travel and this has impacted on their studies.
    • A traumatic experience which could include but is not limited to:
      • Involvement in or witnessing of an accident; or
      • A crime committed against the student; or
      • The student has been a witness to a crime and this has impacted on the student (these cases should be supported by police or psychologists’ reports).
    • An unconditional letter of offer from another institution along with a DHA approval letter to transfer (if applicable); and
    • A completed and signed William Angliss Institute Application for Course Withdrawal Form (if enrolled)
    • A progress and attendance report from the preliminary course as requested in the conditional offer letter.

The request must be signed and dated correctly by the student. Signature of the request must match the student's signature on the application form and the Acceptance Agreement and/or other documents provided to WAI. The date of notification of the request for a refund is from the date the request is received at the International Office at the Institute.

The student must show proof that the tuition fees had been paid in full at the time the refund request is made and all debts to WAI been paid in full prior to processing a refund.



The provision of a refund from William Angliss Institute does not guarantee the issue of a release letter and conversely the issue of a release letter does not guarantee the eligibility for refund. Refer to International Students Application for Release Policy.

Refunds will be paid directly to the student or the person nominated by the student. The refund will be calculated in the currency of the country the bank account is held in and the exchange will be determined on the day of the transaction.

A refund due to provider default will be paid within 2 weeks after the default day.

A refund due to student default will be paid within 4 weeks after the default day.


Appeals Process

A student who is refused a full refund or partial refund or any refund under the William Angliss Institute Refund Agreement may appeal within seven days in writing to:

Director – Angliss International
William Angliss Institute
555 La Trobe Street
Melbourne 3000

The decision of the Director – Angliss International in relation to any refunds from the Institute will be final.


Resolution Processes

This agreement and William Angliss Institute's dispute resolution processes do not stop the student's right to pursue other legal remedies or to take action under Australia's consumer protection laws.


Download our full International Student Refund Policy