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Tuition Fees and Additional Expenses

Courses are offered to international students in semester blocks. Fees are not determined on a single subject basis but for places in entire courses which are designed by the Institute to ensure graduates maximise their career opportunities. For future stages of your course, the Institute reserves the right to adjust your annual tuition fees to take into account increases in Institute and course delivery costs.

In relation to tuition fees for new or current international students, the following statements apply.


1. Payments

1.1 The first semester tuition fees paid to the Institute includes an A$750 administration processing fee, which is not refundable. 

1.2 Tuition fees must be paid one semester in advance. New international students must pay in advance according to the terms and conditions contain within the Offer Letter and Acceptance Agreement. Continuing international students make payment according to the payment due date on their invoice before the start of the next semester.

1.3 Deposit for VET / Degree packaging - Prospective students must pay a minimum of one semester's tuition fees plus visa length OSHC to obtain a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE). In the case of course packaging, students must pay non–refundable deposits as indicated below for the confirmation of enrolment.


Packaging Program(s)

First Semester Fees paid in full
(plus OHSC fees)

Deposit required for principal course

VET (Certificate, Diploma) Yes Yes - $500
VET (Certificate, Advanced Diploma) Yes Yes - $500
VET (Certificate, Advanced Diploma, Degree) Yes Yes - $3,000


1.4 Tuition fees and deposits can be paid in the form of a bank draft, cash, credit card or telegraphic transfer. Please refer to the 'How to Pay Your Fees Form (A2)'.

1.5 All bank charges relating to telegraphic transfer (TT) of funds to the Institute are the responsibility of the international student, and a processing fee of A$25 must be deposited in addition to the tuition fees. The balance of bank fees for a TT of funds that are less than A$25 will be credited to the student’s next semester tuition fees.



2.1 Timetables and tuition fees are indicative of full study loads – a student with approval to take additional semester subjects must pay tuition fees for those extra subjects in that semester. The fee will be determined pro-rata.



3.1 Tuition fees must be paid for repeat subjects or components of repeat subjects. A learning plan will be developed for students who are repeating subjects. The fee will be determined pro-rata.



4.1 In the case that credits are granted and substitute subjects are applied to maintain full-time study load, full semester fees will apply.



5.1 International students are not permitted to transfer between courses within the first 6 months of the principal course of study (highest qualification that the student is studying). Transfers to a second course will only be permitted based on compassionate and compelling circumstances, conditional on available places in the second course, and if a suitable timetable can be arranged.

5.2 Should an international student be granted permission to transfer to another course at William Angliss Institute, tuition fees for the first semester of the new course must be paid in full as well as the administration fee to issue a new Offer Letter and Acceptance Agreement and CoE.

5.3 The Department of Home Affairs will be notified of the transfer to another course. A new CoE will be issued.



6.1 In the case where a student is suspended and/or deferred their studies, the tuition fees not utilised will be transferred as credit for the deferred studies when they return to the Institute. In the event that the student does not return to study at the Institute, the refund policy will apply.



7.1 An invoice with a payment schedule for the following semester tuition fees will be issued to each student, and sent to the student’s local mailing address registered with the Institute as well as their Institute’s email address. Non-receipt of this invoice will not be accepted as reason for non-payment of tuition fees by the scheduled date. A late fee will be charged if payment is not received by the due date.

7.2 Non-payment of tuition fees will result in a cancellation of a student’s enrolment. Student will be notified in writing of WAI’s intention to report and given 28 days for internal appeal before a notification is sent to Department of Education via Provider Registration and International Students Management System (PRISMS) as required under ESOS legislation.

7.3 Outstanding fees will attract debt collection agency charges that must be paid by a student before the Institute will issue any course certification to that student.