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What is Change of Preference

Change of Preference is a time for those students that have applied to study through VTAC to review their options. This may mean reordering preferences, investigating new courses or discovering pathways to your dream course.

Whatever you decide, we're here to support you.

The Angliss Experience Team is on hand to answer any questions you might have.

Virtual one-on-ones 

Book a time with one of our course experts from Monday 6th to 20th December 2021.
Together we'll explore the perfect study option for you and how you can start pursuing your dream career.

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For any further enquiries
You can email
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Important dates

For consideration for offers released on Apply by Pay by Change your preferences by
14 January 2022 (January offer round domestic) 3 December (5pm) 20 December (4pm) 20 December (4pm) / IB only - 4 January 2022 (4pm)
1 February 2022 (February offer round 1 domestic) 18 January 2022 (5pm) 20 January 2022 (4pm) 20 January 2022 (4pm)
8 February 2022 (February offer round 2 domestic) 18 January 2022 (5pm) 2 February 2022 (4pm) 2 February 2022 (4pm)
14 February 2022 (February offer round 3 domestic) 18 January 2022 (5pm) 9 February 2022 (4pm) 9 February 2022 (4pm)
18 February 2022 (February offer round 4 domestic) 18 January 2022 (5pm) 15 February 2022 (4pm) 15 February 2022 (4pm)

For more dates, visit the VTAC website.


Change of Preference Events