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Scholarships - Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

Prior to accepting your scholarship offer, please read all of the following information set out in these Terms and Conditions.

This document applies to all scholarships offered by the William Angliss Institute Foundation (the Foundation).

The Student Engagement office administers all scholarships on behalf of the Foundation.


2. Accepting your scholarship offer

To accept your scholarship offer, you must:

  • read, understand and abide by these Terms and Conditions
  • complete all fields and sign on page 3 of this document
  • return the completed form to the Student Engagement office (Building C, Level 1) either via email or in-person


3. Communication

The Student Engagement office will send any correspondence to your email address or the address listed on your scholarship application. If there are any changes to your personal details, please contact the Student Engagement office as soon as possible to update your details.


4. Conditions of Eligibility

To receive a scholarship you must:

  • attend a Scholarship Workshop (information session)
  • meet the eligibility requirements outlined in the scholarship application page
  • be actively enrolled in a full-time or part-time program (according to eligibility requirements) at William Angliss Institute (the Institute) post Census date
  • maintain an active enrolment status in the semester in which you will be receiving your scholarship payment, unless on an approved leave of absence

You must inform the Student Engagement office of any changes to your enrolment as it may affect your eligibility to receive your scholarship funding. Changes include:

  • transferring to part-time study
  • taking leave of absence, deferring or withdrawing from study

All scholarships offered by the Foundation cannot be deferred unless there are exceptional circumstances, and any such requests must be approved by the Scholarship Selection Committee Chair.

5. Payment

To be eligible to receive payment you must accept your scholarship offer by completing and returning this document.

No payments will be made until the Student Engagement office has confirmed that you are actively enrolled post Census Date and tuition fees for the relevant semester are paid.

To ensure scholarship payments are made directly into your bank account, please provide your bank account details on page 3.


6. Tax/Centrelink

For any information regarding how this payment can affect any Centrelink payments or taxation benefits that you may be receiving, please contact the Australian Taxation Office on 132 865 or Centrelink on 133 276, or visit the Australia Taxation Office website or Centrelink website for more information.


7. Feedback, media and event attendance

As a condition of your scholarship grant, you are required to:

  • provide an update on the nature of the expenses made using your scholarship
  • write a testimonial statement on your perception on how the scholarship has assisted you to achieve your academic objectives for the year
  • attend any Institute or Foundation events upon invitation
  • participate in media or marketing activities for the Institute, Foundation or associated sponsors and for your name, photograph and testimonial statement to be used in any related marketing materials and campaigns

8. Termination

The Student Engagement office may review your academic performance during the semester in which you will be receiving your scholarship payment.

The Foundation reserves the right to terminate/suspend any scholarship payments if you have:

  • ceased or discontinued enrolment within the Institute
  • made unsatisfactory academic performance during the semester in which you will be receiving your scholarship payment (applicable to Merit scholarship recipients only)
  • engaged in any activity that is deemed to be in breach of the Institute's Student Code of Conduct

Scholarship recipients in breach of the Institute's Student Code of Conduct may be required to refund the scholarship in full or part payment to the Foundation, as determined by the Scholarship Selection Committee Chair. The recipient will also be stripped of the scholarship recipient title and have associated marketing materials removed immediately. The recipient will also be deemed ineligible for any future scholarship applications.