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Angliss Open Day celebrates future of industry

Angliss Open Day delivered a strong message of hope for the future of the foods, hospitality, tourism and events industries, as more than 30 teachers, industry experts and icons presented a range of masterclasses, panels and information sessions.  

The virtual Open Day was attended by more than 720 participants on 14 August from across Melbourne and Sydney who were looking to find out more about pursuing their passion to work in the experience industry - foods, hospitality, tourism and events.

A series of industry panels looked at how the experience industry has changed during the pandemic and why there’s so much hope for the future.

As part of the tourism expert panel Contiki’s Head of Sales Andrew Young said he could already see explosion of travel and tourism coming in the next few years making now an ideal time to train and study in tourism to be ready for the industry growth that will come.

Marriott Hotels is about to open a new luxury 5-star hotel in Docklands, Melbourne and there was much anticipation for the future by the experts on the Hotel Management panel.

Front Office Manager, Marriott Hotels Justin Louey said one of the benefits of studying at Angliss was the placement years available as part of the Bachelor of Resort and Hotel Management which gives the opportunity to study and build an education framework and then back it up with real-life work experience.

Grossi Florentino’s owner and chef Guy Grossi spoke about the privilege of having a career in hospitality and looking after guests and how this would always be vital.

“To work in the foods and hospitality industry, it is so important to have a positive attitude and be prepared to go the extra mile to be hospitable - both as a waiter or in the kitchen or as a sommelier,” Guy said.

"Our industry offers a wide range of experiences for those who are dedicated to their craft. It is an industry that is full of potential and opportunities for creators and innovators. Have the courage to explore and venture into new and exciting things as now is the time for hospitality to catapult into a new era."

MoVida’s Frank Camorra shared his career journey and praised the William Angliss Institute students he has had working for him from a front and back-of-house perspective.

“I find working with William Angliss students – especially in the kitchen which is my area of expertise and where I spend most of my time – that they tend have a more up-to-date knowledge of current trends and current food styles. Part of that I think is that studying and often working in the Melbourne CBD those restaurants are a lot more cutting edge.

“So, on top of training and working, students at Angliss also get the experience of the Great Chefs program where they work with other mentors. It is popular for the guests at the events but also for people like me who like to see my apprentices working at these events and getting that experience.

Luke Whearty, the master mixologist behind one of the World’s Best Bars, Byrdi shared the secret behind the best cocktails, while Angliss Alumni Sam May, who recently guest-starred in the ABC’s Gardening Australia, demonstrated how to cook with native ingredients.

You can watch it all back by viewing our Open Day catch-up tv at