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Angliss Student Product Launch 2022

This year's Student Product Development Showcase for Diploma of Food Science and Technology, featured the innovative creations from William Angliss Institute students.

This is an annual Angliss event assessed by industry experts from the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology.

Students need to display a unique approach to food product concepts, including preparation and technical implementation in a real manufacturing environment. They need to take into account food safety, quality standards, packaging costs and sensory analysis.

This year, Food Science & Technology student Warren Flanagan won first place with his edible hemp seed oil spread. In second place was Scott Ribbans for his meal-replacement muffin, great for those on the go, and in third place, was Simon Inglese for is well-balanced smoked aioli.  

Prize winner Warren said that his product “Is an alternative to margarine and a good source of Vitamin E, Omega 3 and 6."

Warren stressed that as the oil has no psychoactive component (that would result in an altered state of consciousness or containing hallucinogenic properties), it is safe for the whole family to consume. “With tight legislative protocol surrounding such oils, strict guidelines must be adhered to”, he said.

Through taking part in such competitions and events, Warren hopes to develop a better understanding of the food processing and manufacturing industry. The knowledge will ultimately go toward developing his product further. 

Warren entered the course to expand his knowledge and interest in food, and for people considering enrolling he said, “Commit 100% of your efforts. I’ve learned so much from each and every student and teacher throughout the Angliss course.”

Find out more about our Food Science and Technology course, or email, or call us on +613 8595 5334 for more information.