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Clea’s proving to the world that there’s no better time to pursue your passion than now!

Clea Fernandes has all the makings of an experience expert! With over 12 years working as a first-class cabin crew member for an award-winning airline and now complementing her skills with our Commercial Cookery program - she's a force to be reckoned with.

"I decided it was time to hang up my wings and set my feet on the ground. Having spent so much time in hospitality (albeit in the sky), it seemed like a natural progression to continue my journey into the Foods industry".

Growing up, Clea always loved cooking and had no problems following recipes. Once she decided to pursue cookery as a career, she wanted to understand how the different components work together and learn an array of technical skills. The Commercial Cookery program at Angliss also allowed Clea to practice in a commercial kitchen and be mentored by supportive cookery experts.

"I wanted to have creative input in my next job. I believe in breaking the rules but you first need to know what they are, understand them well, play by them and then make them work for you."

"I have had some excellent teachers, and they make me feel excited about working in the industry. When you work in a commercial kitchen with sharp objects, high temperatures and a lot of oil, things can go wrong very quickly. My instructors can keep their cool during these situations, and this has shown me the kind of chef I aspire to be."

Clea is set to graduate in December 2021, but she didn't wait to finish her certificate to join the industry. Through an Angliss Speed Networking event, Delaware North's HR and Sous Chef saw potential and hired Clea on the spot!

"At Marvel Stadium, I work in the Victory Room, a members-only area where they can enjoy a pre-game buffet, which I help prepare. With over 10 years of customer-facing role experience, talking to people, making sure they're having a good time comes naturally to me. Putting people at ease puts me at ease."

Thinking about pursuing a career in Foods? Here's why Clea thinks you should go for it!

  • There's no time like the present to pursue your passion. Studying, receiving guidance, and having the space to ask questions and make mistakes is such an incredible opportunity. If you have the option to pursue what you love - do it!
  • It's been such a good experience so far! I have great classmates, engaging instructors and a great facility to learn in. Going back to study gives me a new way of seeing and doing things.
  • Melbourne is a melting pot of so many communities, and I think this will allow me to learn various cooking styles from around the world.
  • Everyone I've spoken to has been kind and helpful. So don't hesitate to ask about any of the courses! As with anything in life, it's essential to know if this will be a good fit for your life and requirements.


Published 11 October 2021