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Degree graduate to Chocolaterie owner

Samrat Karki studied a Bachelor of Culinary Management at William Angliss Institute to better understand what was at the heart of the culinary industry, and to ensure he could continue to service the culinary world that he loves so dearly.

He now owns and operates Guras Cacao, a chocolaterie in Mordialloc, Victoria. It’s a unique place specialising in hand-made plant-based desserts with an expressive burst of colour and flavour to inspire the senses.

Samrat was inspired by the enthusiasm of the Institute’s teachers, and the combination of the practical training with the theoretical.

“All my teachers were extremely passionate about the course they were delivering. The course structure and subjects like marketing, economics, law, financial analysis, and menu development have benefited me tremendously,” he said.

Enhancing his critical thinking, especially when it comes to mass production, food trends and increasing health risks associated with food, was the most valuable thing for Samrat. He also developed a better respect for the farmers who take care of the land.

“The profession of being a chef is not only about creating outstanding dishes but it’s to hold the duty of care for our customers, make the right choices when buying ingredients and be nutritionally informed. We should always honour the nature of where all our food is sourced from,” he said.

One of Samrat’s most memorable moments at the Institute, was during a class presentation about what is considered to be ‘modern Australian cuisine’. In his presentation he stated that, “Being a multicultural country, any cuisine made in Australia - whether its Nepalese, Chinese, Italian, Arabian, Mexican -  if the cuisine is prepared in Australia, ‘modern Australian cuisine’ is considered all of these,” he declared, “and the minute we add native bush spices and herbs to any dish, a new Australian cuisine is born.” 

“I got a standing ovation in the class! I remember this still,” he exclaimed.

Samrat’s source of inspiration comes from being able to generate a special moment for others, and witness them share and experience joy through his creations.

His advice for anyone seeking a culinary career is, “Be willing to start at the bottom, be humble and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.  Share your heart and soul in this industry and you will be more than fulfilled.” 

If you’re interested in taking your passion to the next level with a degree like Samrat, applications for Bachelor of Culinary Management are currently being accepted. Contact or call +613 8595 5334 for further information.

Published 9 January 2023