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Course Description

The only degree in Australia that marries the practical and technical aspects of kitchen training with the business and management skills of a culinary manager, our Bachelor of Culinary Management not only teaches you the fundamentals of cookery, but asks you to think deeply about the business of being a creative culinary entrepreneur.

This four-year degree combines experiential learning and academic rigor to equip you with a broad, critical understanding of the role of the culinary manager. Bringing together the theoretical and practical dimensions of the kitchen, extensive applied skills including classic cooking techniques, food service and menu design are explored and sharpened.

Subjects including human resource management, leadership, innovation and strategy equip you with the business and management fundamentals needed to control of finances, stock, staff and facilities and pursue your cooking passion successfully.

The third year of study is a paid industry placement, giving you invaluable hands-on experience.

The Angliss Experience

  • Visit award-winning restaurants, wineries, artisanal food producers and specialty retail outlets
  • Receive direct experience in hotel and restaurant kitchens
  • Learn from guest speakers from leading chefs to artisan producers and industry experts


Admission Criteria


Study Area


Course Level


Course Structure

Year 1

CUL501Cookery and Recipes
MAN501Management Fundamentals
MAN502 Financial Concepts
GAS559Foundations of Cuisine
CUL504Understanding Food Service
CUL502Culinary Techniques
MAN601Introduction to Marketing
Electives1 (1st semester)

Year 2

HOS603Sustainable Procurement for Hospitality & Tourism
CUL602Restaurant Service
MAN606 Human Resource Operations for the Services Industry
GAS659Cooks and Chefs in Society
GAS606Sensory Education
MAN605Financial Analysis and Decision Making
MAN702Risk and Legal Issues
Electives 1 (1st semester)

Year 3 - Work Placement

CUL618Professional Practice 1
CUL718 Professional Practice 2

Year 4

GAS759Imagining Culinary Futures
HOS701Menu Design and Engineering
MAN706Innovation and Entrepreneurship
HOS702Project Restaurant
CUL702Flavour and Function
MAN707Strategy, Change and Leadership


All students must undertake RES501 Foundation Academic Communication Skills in their first semester (unless otherwise agreed).
Electives can be chosen from the suite of Higher Education Subjects. Please note that not all subjects are available in all courses and study periods.

Specialist fields

Culinary Techniques, Understanding Food Service, Foundations of Cuisine, Sensory Education, Flavour and Function and Imagining Culinary Futures.

Pursue your area of interest through electives in foods, tourism, hospitality and events.

Related subjects

Culinary management training is supported by a solid management foundation in subjects such as Finance, Human Resource Management, Strategy and Leadership and Innovation.

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