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How a passion for dance and travel can lead to creating great events

Samantha Holden knows how dedication and passion can grow and evolve. As a professional ballroom dancer and seasoned international traveller, Samantha saw a natural progression into the exciting world of events.

After years of hard work as a teen, Samantha landed her dream job at the age of 18 and became a professional ballroom dancer and teacher. 11 years later she is still dancing. "I've always loved to throw a killer party, but competing on the world stage with a quality next to perfection, it's that buzz that drives me to now bring dance events in Australia to a world-class level," said Samantha.

Currently studying the Diploma of Event Management at William Angliss Institute, Samantha is considering going on to the Advanced Diploma in 2021. "I am thoroughly enjoying the course, I came in with an expectation and intention to exercise my creativity and build on my project management skills, and I can say I am walking away with so much more," said Samantha.

Although she never really saw herself as having great leadership skills, Samantha feels the course has pushed her out of her comfort zone and into leadership positions, giving her opportunities to thrive and develop as a leader.

"The overall support and encouragement from the staff and the opportunities the Institute provides outside the classroom have made it an experience. I'm walking away with life skills and relationships I will tap into for years to come," said Samantha. "The course has given me a huge boost in confidence. The networking skills to reach out to industry professionals and gain mentors to guide me through this journey have already been so beneficial."

When COVID-19 and isolation struck, it seemed only natural for Samantha to create a dance community on campus and now online. She has been leading the WAI Dance Club, meeting once a week. "It's definitely helped me plan a path ahead for what possibilities lie for me. I have since hosted several virtual dance workshops, fusing my events knowledge with my dance background, while having an absolute blast!" said Samantha.

Samantha's final thoughts on 2020? "Let's just say, I can't hear you, you're on mute!" she laughs. "Who'd have thought we'd be in virtual space, organising multi-faceted virtual events with multiple stakeholders, detailed run-sheets, a full marketing campaign and a complex risk management plan - all from the comfort of our own homes? 2020 has been the year for adaptability and I can confidently say I've certainly achieved that!"

Published 14 December 2020