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Chef of the Year Opens Cafe

It has been a stellar year for Certificate III in Commercial Cookery (SIT30816) graduate Jack Lee who has gone from being named Chef of the Year by Foodservice Australia to opening a brand new café in Point Cook, Bean Smuggler.

Jack joined Angliss after hearing what other graduates had said about the Institute, "I was planning to immigrate to Australia and had to choose the right place to learn Australian Commercial Cookery standards. Angliss had the best training facilities and most experienced lecturers," Jack said.

Jack says the time spent in the kitchen during his studies greatly assisted with his first steps into the industry. "By serving food to customers in a real commercial kitchen I was able to experience how an actual kitchen works behind the scenes and how to manage a restaurant from preparation to closing down. Not only did I learn how to cook but also how to manage a kitchen including cost control, stock management, rostering, hygiene, and food safety. Everything I learned from the Institute has helped me stand up better than other chefs who have not received proper training," Jack said.

For now Bean Smuggler is keeping Jack busy as he is managing most operational aspects of the business after designing the full brunch menu and setting up the coffee bar however he looks forward to opening more food businesses over the coming years. "The skills and knowledge I took away from my time at Angliss will be the basis of all of my businesses," he said.