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Course Description

This three-year degree gives you a thorough grounding in all aspects of event management, from designing and selling to planning, implementing and evaluating events for the profit and not-for-profit sectors. Combining academic study with invaluable hands-on experience, you will take your learning beyond the classroom with field trips to sports stadiums, live events, event suppliers, and hotel conference and banqueting departments. You will also have the opportunity to be involved with the planning and staging of live events.

Strong industry links will afford students a number of networking opportunities with the industry's experts and the chance to take up mentorship positions with its leaders.

Unique in its delivery, the course offers students the opportunity to select from subject specialisations that deepen knowledge and skills, develop your professional identity and enable students you to apply your knowledge in real world contexts towards either Business Events or Festival Management.  For those seeking a broader qualification to explore their career possibilities, a specialisation does not need to be selected. 

As graduates, you will operate in this fast-paced industry with expertise in critical and creative thinking to solve complex problems and implement innovative solutions.

The Angliss Experience

  • Combine academic study with invaluable hands-on experience beyond the classroom with field trips to sports stadiums, live events, event suppliers, and hotel conference and banqueting departments
  • You will also have the opportunity to be involved with the planning and staging of live events
  • You will have the opportunity to develop innovative concepts from conceptualisation through to implementation as part of live events
  • You will also have the opportunity to be directly Involved with industry related projects and report reflections back to event stakeholders
  • Explore your passion with a focus on business events, festivals or generalise across both fields


Course Code

Bachelor of Event Management - CRS1400177

Study Area


Course Level


Course Structure

Year 1

EVE504 Event Fundamentals
EVE503Event Design
MAN501Management Fundamentals
EVE559Key Concepts in Event Studies
EVE611Project Management
MAN502 Financial Concepts
MAN601Introduction to Marketing
ElectivesFirst semester (one in total)

Year 2

EVE606Social Media and Brand Strategy
EVE604 Event Stakeholders
MAN606Human Resource Operations for the Services Industry
EVE659Iconic Events
EVE607Economic and Financial Analysis
EVE609Managing and Motivating People
Specialist stream1 per semester (2 in total)

Year 3

EVE701Sustainability for the Events Industry
MAN702Risk and Legal Issues
EVE759 Politics and Culture in International Events
EVE704Event Evaluation
Specialist Stream1 per semester (2 in total)
Electives 1 per semester (2 in total)

Specialist Streams

You can tailor your learning through a specialist stream of study focusing on either Business Events or Festivals. By completing all 4 specialist stream subjects including the final project, you aim to become the expert in your chosen field. Specialist streams are noted on your testamur in recognition of your focused learning.

Specialist stream - Business Events

EVB601Designing Business Events
EVB602Virtual and Hybrid Strategies for Business Events
EVB701Entrepreneurship in Events
EVB702Business Event Project

Specialist Stream - Festivals

EVF601Planning and Hosting Festivals
EVF602 Festival Logistics
EVEF701 Crowd and Safety Management
EVF702 Festival Project


All students must undertake RES501 Foundation Academic Communication Skills in their first semester (unless otherwise agreed).

Electives can be chosen from the suite of Higher Education Subjects. Please note that not all subjects are available in all courses and study periods. 

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Entry requirements

Admissions Transparency

Eligibility for entry can be demonstrated by ATAR score, previous study, work experience and other factors.

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Career Outcomes

With the relevant work experience graduate employment opportunities include but are not limited to:

  • Event Manager
  • Event Officer
  • Conference Manager
  • Event and Sponsorship Executive
  • Event Coordinator
  • Festival Manager 
  • On-site Festival coordinator 
  • Event Project Manager 
  • Venue Manager 
  • Event Coordinator (Hotel in-house) 
  • Professional Conference Organiser 
  • Event Marketing Manager 
  • Exhibition Manager 
  • Sporting Event Manager 
  • Community Event Manager 


Successful completion of Bachelor of Event Management will enable graduates to pathway to the:

  • Graduate Certificate of International Hospitality Entrepreneurship
  • Graduate Diploma of International Hospitality Entrepreneurship
  • Master of International Hospitality Entrepreneurship
  • Masters of Philosophy

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