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Higher Education subjects

Electives can be chosen from the suite of Higher Education Subjects. Please note that not all subjects are available in all courses and study periods.

Subjects are arranged by William Angliss Institute specialist fields of education.


CUL501 - Cookery and Recipes
CUL502 - Culinary Techniques
CUL503 - Introduction to Culinary Arts
CUL504 - Understanding Food Service
CUL509 - The Science of Cooking
CUL601 - Fermenting Cultures
CUL602 - Restaurant Service
CUL603 - Provenance in the Restaurant
CUL609 - Science and Technology in the Kitchen
CUL618 - Professional Practice 1
CUL701 - Culinary Artistry
CUL702 - Flavour and Function
CUL709 - The Science of the Dining Experience
CUL718 - Professional Practice 2
CUL728 - Professional Practice
CUL729 - Professional Practice Project
FDS559 - Understanding Food Systems 1
FDS601 - Agriculture and Farming Systems
FDS651 - Diet and Health in Society
FDS652 - Food Movements and Social Change
FDS659 - Understanding Food Systems 2
FDS701 - Communicating Food
FDS702 - Community Food Systems in Practice 1
FDS709 - Community Food Systems in Practice 2
FDS719 - Community Food Project
FDS728 - Community Engagement
FDS759 - Food Policy and Governance
FDS801 - Food Systems Policy and Governance Frameworks
FDS802 - Creating Food System Stories
FDS851 - Food Systems Theory and Practice
FDS852 - Transformations in Agriculture: Theory and Practice
FDS853 - Food and Urbanism: Past, Present and Future
FDS901 - Community Food Security and Public Health
FDS902 - Urban Agriculture: Practice and Policy
FDS951 - Decolonising Food Systems
GAS504 - Food Issues for the 21st Century
GAS551 - Culture and Cuisine
GAS559 - Foundations of Cuisine
GAS602 - Food and Beverage Management
GAS603 - Procurement Management
GAS605 - Nutrition in the Culinary Arts
GAS606 - Sensory Education
GAS651 - Modernism and the Culinary Arts
GAS659 - Cooks and Chefs in Society
GAS701 - Gastronomic Issues and Perspectives
GAS751 - Gastronomic Approaches to Food Studies
GAS752 - Food and Gastronomy in Literature and Media
GAS759 - Imagining Culinary Futures
GAS851 - Gastronomic Discourse and Culture
GAS852 - Politics of Gastronomy
GAS951 - Taste, Terroir and Place



TOE609 - Designing Thematic Interpretation
TOE619 - Understanding Natural Landscapes
TOE709 - Delivering Thematic Interpretation
TOE719 - Interpret Natural Landscapes
TOM609 - Tourist Behaviour
TOM619 - Digital and Social Media in Tourism
TOM709 - Tourism Market Research
TOM719 - Tourism Marketing Data and Analytics
TOU501 - Introduction to the Tourism Industry
TOU502 - Destination Concepts
TOU503 - Tourism Distribution Systems
TOU504 - Visitor Services
TOU551 - Tourism Theories and Concepts
TOU601 - Tourism Attraction Management
TOU609 - Niche Tourism
TOU701 - Designing for the Visitor Experience
TOU709 - Planning for Tourism
TOU719 - Tourism Futures
TOU739 - Current Issues in Tourism and Hospitality
TOU751 - Taking Responsibility for Tourism and Hospitality



HOC501 - Corporate Hospitality Compliance
HOC509 - Corporate Hospitality Practices
HOC601 - Facility Technology Systems
HOC609 - Facility Operations Management
HOC651 - Ethical Perspectives
HOC701 - Operational Planning and Development
HOC709 - Business Project
HOH501 - Fundamentals of the Resort and Hotel Industry
HOH509 - Rooms Division Operations
HOH601 - Digital Marketing and Distribution
HOH609 - Managing Resort Operations
HOH709 - Emerging Trends in the Resort and Hotel Industry
HOH728 - Professional Practice
HOH729 - Professional Practice Project
HOH738 - International Professional Practice
HOH739 - Hotel Data Science
HOH749 - The Economics of Resorts and Hotels
HOH759 - International Practice Study Tour
HOS501 - Food and Beverage Operations
HOS509 - Food and Beverage Knowledge
HOS551 - Hospitality Concepts and Context
HOS601 - Catering and Kitchen Management
HOS602 - Food and Beverage Service Management
HOS603 - Sustainable Procurement for Hospitality and Tourism
HOS604 - Gaming Operations
HOS609 - Wine Design
HOS618 - Professional Practice 1
HOS651 - People and Place
HOS701 - Menu Design and Engineering
HOS702 - Project Restaurant
HOS703 - Wine and the Vineyard
HOS718 - Professional Practice 2



EVB601 - Designing Business Events
EVB602 - Virtual and Hybrid Strategies for Business Events
EVB701 - Entrepreneurship in Events
EVB702 - Business Event Project
EVE501 - Fundamentals of Event Practices
EVE502 - The Events Industry
EVE503 - Event Design
EVE504 - Event Fundamentals
EVE559 - Key Concepts in Event Studies
EVE601 - Project Management and Logistics
EVE602 - Catering for the Event Industry
EVE603 - Marketing and Communications for Events
EVE604 - Event Stakeholders
EVE605 - Conference and Convention Management
EVE606 - Social Media and Brand Strategy
EVE607 - Economic and Financial Analysis 
EVE609 - Managing and Motivating People
EVE611 - Project Management
EVE659 - Iconic Events
EVE701 - Sustainability for the Events Industry
EVE702 - Business Development in the Events Industry
EVE703 - Event Evaluation and Innovation
EVE704 - Event Evaluation
EVE705 - Sporting Events
EVE759 - Politics and Culture in International Events
EVF601 - Planning and Hosting Festivals
EVF602 - Festival Logistics
EVF701 - Crowd and Safety Management
EVF702 - Festival Project


Enabling and Research

EDU601 - Research methods
HE608-WIL1 - Extended Industry Experience
HE708-WIL2 - Extended Professional Development
MAN501 - Management Fundamentals
MAN502 - Financial Concepts
MAN601 - Introduction to Marketing
MAN602 - Organisational Behaviour
MAN604 - Economics and Global Impacts
MAN605 - Financial Analysis and Decision Making
MAN606 - Human Resource Operations for the Services Industry
MAN701 - Human Resource Management
MAN702 - Risk and Legal Issues
MAN703 - Revenue Management
MAN704 - Strategy and Innovation
MAN706 - Innovation and Entrepreneurship
MAN707 - Strategy, Change and Leadership
RES501 - Foundation Academic Communication Skills
RES602 - Training and Development
RES701 - Study Tour
RES702 - Minor Project
RES801 - Research Methods
RES901 -
Knowledge and Knowing
RES902 - Research Design and Proposal
RES903 - Minor Thesis
RES904 - Research Principles
RES905 - Research Proposal

Leadership and Entrepreneurship

ENT809 - Entrepreneurial Mindset Practices and Experiences
ENT819 - Financing Entrepreneurial Ventures
ENT829 - Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation
ENT909 - Strategic Entrepreneurship
ENT918 - Entrepreneurial Incubator From Idea to Launch
ENT919 - Entrepreneurial Incubator From Idea to Pre-launch
HOH809 - International Hotel Operations Management
HOH859 - Global and Ethical Leadership
HOH909 - Leading Sustainability in the Hotel Industry
HOH918 - Work Placement
LED851 - Leading Self and Others
LED852 - People and Culture Driven Leadership
LED951 - Leadership in Uncertain Times
MAN801 - Financial Management and Data Analytics
MAN809 - Revenue Management and Strategy
MAN901 - Design Thinking for the Experience Economy
RES801 - Research Methods


Contact: See subject descriptor hyperlinks (above) for subject coordinator contact name.

Phone: Current students - 9606 2111 / Future students - 1300 ANGLISS