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Empowering Hospitality: Students Collaborating with the Magpie Nest Café

William Angliss Institute has forged a meaningful partnership with The Salvation Army, the Magpie Nest Café nestled in the heart of the CBD. This collaboration aims to empower our budding students from the Certificate III in Hospitality and Diploma of Hospitality Management courses by offering them invaluable hands-on experience in the real hospitality industry. Moreover, it aims to serve as a guiding light for those in need within our community.

Groups of our dedicated students eagerly volunteered at the Magpie Nest Café as part of their service unit on effective hospitality work. Over three days, from March to April, they seamlessly integrated into the bustling atmosphere of the café, embracing tasks ranging from taking orders to serving meals and clearing tables. Their commitment was evident in the smiles they wore throughout their shifts.

The Magpie Nest Café is not just a place for food, it's a nest where the community gathers, providing complimentary meals throughout the day to all who seek comfort within its walls. Its mission aligns closely with the Angliss core values, particularly in its dedication to assisting those who may feel marginalised in society.

Reflecting on this enriching experience, Jumi Park, Careers Coordinator at the Angliss Skills and Jobs Centre, expressed her delight, stating: "It was heartening to witness our students, staff, and faculty dedicating their time and energy to serve our community."

This collaborative endeavour with The Salvation Army, the Magpie Nest Café underscores our commitment to nurturing well-rounded professionals and fostering a spirit of compassion within our students. We eagerly anticipate further opportunities to engage in such impactful initiatives, enriching both the lives of our students and the broader community.

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