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Hot Cross Bun Day is Back in Abundance

Students are on campus at William Angliss Institute, Australia's largest specialist centre for foods, tourism, hospitality and events training, and they are gearing up for Easter!

Over 2000 hot cross buns will be baked in preparation for delivery to charity and local cafes on Bun Day, Wednesday 13 April, with the highly guarded William Angliss Institute recipe being a state secret.

"The baking happens in stages, so only a few people know the full recipe, but students learn how to get the perfect rise and how to manage the yeast and proofing to meet our standards of deliciousness," said Bhaskar Adeeb, Acting Program Leader - Patisserie and Bakery at William Angliss Institute.

It's been a busy start for the year with foods and hospitality workers in high demand to meet the needs of Melbourne as it roars back to its most liveable city title. Students have had work and learning opportunities at the Australian Open, Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, and the Australian F1 Grand Prix, and now the efforts of Certificate III in Baking (FBP30517) students have turned back to what the Institute is known best for.

Before they start playing with recipes, it's important to understand the science of baking and how to get the best out of your ingredients, continued Bhaskar. "Then you can start to play around with substitutes, and also get the most delicious left-over recipes."

The Institute is partnering with charity Frontyard Youth Services, Melbourne City Mission's specialist CBD service supporting young people to meet their physical, emotional and social meeds and to develop pathways out of homelessness.

"It's great to be able to deliver hot cross buns to Frontyard and be able to give something back to the community," said Certificate III in Baking (FBP30517) student Briohny Wood.

To further support their CBD neighbours, the Institute is also delivering hot cross buns to local cafes which will retain all profits of sales of the famous seasonal treats.

Key elements that make the tastiest Hot Cross buns:

  • Lots of fruit – and soaked beforehand to plump it up to ensure the buns are moist
  • Letting the dough rise in its own time – baking is a science and when you add weather and humidity it can change the time to "prove" – we watch to see the dough has risen enough, we don't force it
  • Size – are buns getting smaller? Not at William Angliss Institute – they will be delicious and filling
  • Expertise – William Angliss Institute has been operating for over 80 years and that means plenty of time to perfect the recipe and student's training to ensure the best hot cross buns.

Along with charity and community deliveries and some buns for students, a few lucky people will be able to get their hands on the coveted Easter treat:

Hot Cross Buns available at Café 555, William Angliss Institute, 555 La Trobe Street Melbourne, but hurry or you'll have to wait until next year.

Enrolments are currently open for courses in foods, tourism, hospitality and events. Visit or call 03 09606 2111 to learn more.

Published 14 April 2022