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Course Description

Get your start as a commercial baker with this valuable certificate course. This four-week course delivers the essential tools of bread making as well as cakes and pastries. Learning on campus from experienced bakers, you'll quickly develop the skills and foundational knowledge to carve your path to a commercial or artisanal bakery.

This course could see you continue your learning as an apprentice or by specialising in bread baking or pastry. Angliss is a leader in bread, pastry production and cake making, offering you a qualification that is recognised worldwide.

The Angliss Experience

  • Learn in Angliss' state-of-the-art kitchen and baking facilities
  • Learn the fundamentals of retail operations and baking skills
  • Gain a valuable qualification to add to your resume


From January 2019, this course is available at $0 tuition for eligible students under the Free TAFE for Priority Courses program.

Call 8595 5334 to check your eligibility for this Free TAFE course.


Course Code


Study Area

Foods, Baking

Course Level

Certificate II

Course Structure

Please note that the order of the delivery of units may vary between campuses. Elective units will also differ and not all units listed below will be delivered at all campuses.

FBPRBK2002Use food preparation equipment to prepare filings
FBPRBK2005Maintain ingredient stores
FBPRBK3005Produce basic bread products
FDFFS2001AImplement the food safety program and procedures
FDFOHS2001AParticipate in OHS processes
FDFOP2061AUse numerical applications in the workplace
FDFOP2064AProvide and apply workplace information
FBPRBK3008Produce sponge cake products
FDFOP2005AWork in a socially diverse environment
MSMENV272Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices
SIRXSLS001Sell to the retail customer

Companies who hired our graduates

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