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Course Description

The Bachelor of Food Studies (Community Engagement) is a four-year program where you can extend and expand your knowledge through a year of working or volunteering in the industry or community sectors. This fourth year allows you to apply your knowledge in a practical context, develop your professional networks and gain real world experience while contributing meaningfully to the sector.

While participating in the Community Engagement program, you will conduct an in-depth research project focused on a food system issue specific to your placement and your passion, all under the supervision of our team of food scholars and practitioners. For example, this might include observing and developing strategies to tackle the challenges of waste management while working in a restaurant, or assisting a children's food education organisation to develop a program for improving food system literacy in young people.

By the end of the course, you will have made a practical contribution to the food community and enhanced your career and postgraduate study prospects.

The Experience

  • Discover new food worlds with excursions to farms, farmers markets, and food enterprises
  • Study under a team of food scholars and practitioners engaged and practically involved with the issues explored within the degree
  • Develop your networks and gain real-world experience through applied research and hands-on learning

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Admission Criteria


Study Area


Course Level


Course Structure

Year 1

GAS551Culture and Cuisine
CUL503 Introduction to Culinary Arts
MAN502 Financial Concepts
FDS559Understanding Food Systems 1
GAS606Sensory Education
MAN604Economics and Global Impacts
Electives1 per semester (2 in total)

Year 2

FDS659Understanding Food Systems 2
FDS651Diet and Health in Society
CUL601Fermenting Cultures
FDS652Food Movements and Social Change
GAS751Gastronomic Approaches to Food Studies
FDS601Agriculture and Farming Systems
MAN601 Introduction to Marketing
Electives 1 (1st semester)

Year 3 - Work Placement

FDS759 Food Policy and Governance
FDS701Communicating Food
FDS702Community Food Systems in Practice 1
GAS752Food and Gastronomy in Literature and Media
CUL701Culinary Artistry
MAN706 Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Electives1 per semester (2 in total)

Year 4

FDS728Community Engagement
FDS709Community Food Systems in Practice 2
FDS719Community Food Project


All students must undertake RES501 Foundation Academic Communication Skills in their first semester (unless otherwise agreed).
Electives can be chosen from the suite of Higher Education Subjects. Please note that not all subjects are available in all courses and study periods.

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