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Course Description

William Angliss Institute is the only TAFE in Australia to offer a research-based Master of Philosophy and the only non-university to offer a Master of Philosophy by Praxis and Exegesis. As a specialist institution focused on, and with close and proactive links to, the increasingly economically important foods, tourism, hospitality and events industries, we are ideally placed to offer these internationally recognised higher degrees by research programs with their compelling mix of academic rigour and practical real world experience

The M.Phil (Praxis and Exegesis), with its emphasis on a research-based creative project, lends itself particularly well to higher studies in foods, tourism, hospitality and events. Projects will encompass real world applications, for example, developing new approaches to guest services to improve productivity, or looking at the economic and community benefits of food festivals.

Two Different Options

There are two Master of Philosophy options offered by William Angliss Institute.

M.Phil (Major Thesis) requires extensive investigation into a chosen topic supported by a 30-60,000-word thesis.

The second option, M.Phil (Praxis and Exegesis) involves an emphasis on creative work (Praxis) that is subsequently analysed and explained by a 15-20,000-word thesis (Exegesis).


Course Code

095029A and 095028B

Study Area

Foods, Hospitality, Tourism, Events, Hotel Management

Course Level


Course Structure

Semester 1

RES904Research Principles
RES905Research Proposal

Semester 2, 3 & 4

Independent Study

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