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Course Description

The Master of Food Systems and Gastronomy is the only program of its kind in Australia. Designed to empower you to become an agent of positive change in the food system, this unique, interdisciplinary postgraduate program investigates the challenges and pleasures of our food systems past, present and future and why food is so central to our social and cultural lives.

Explore how food production, processing, distribution, consumption and policy impact on sustainability, social justice and health and wellbeing. Investigate the political, economic and cultural forces that shape food on its journey from paddock to plate. A gastronomic lens will bring important historical, cultural, material and philosophical perspectives to these issues.

The Master of Food Systems and Gastronomy empowers you to establish yourself as an authority and change-maker in a growing sector that demands creative thinking and collaboration. The Institute's unique and extensive food networks help ensure that you are well positioned to pursue your passion and take up a career in food-related areas of government policy, research, education, community development, media, tourism and event development.

Graduates will be recognised as innovative professionals with the capacity to effectively contribute to and lead public debates, policy responses and local interventions for transforming the contemporary food system.

Interested students can pathway to the Master of Food Systems and Gastronomy through our Graduate Certificate (one semester) or Graduate Diploma (two semesters) courses.


  • Food policy development and implementation (government, intergovernmental and international agencies)
  • Food and sustainability project coordination within the not-for-profit, community or government sectors
  • Food and drink event development and coordination
  • Food and wine development for local government and tourism bodies
  • Entrepreneur
  • Online content development
  • Research and education
  • Food media, communication and writing


Course Code

Master of Food Systems and Gastronomy - CRS1400364

Study Area


Course Level


Course Structure

Year 1

FDS851 Food Systems Theory and Practice
GAS851 Gastronomic Discourse and Culture
FDS852Transformations in Agriculture: Theory and Practice
FDS801Food Systems Policy and Governance Frameworks
GAS852Politics of Gastronomy
FDS853Food and Urbanism: Past, Present and Future
FDS802 Creating Food Systems Stories
RES801 Research Methods

Year 2

GAS951 Taste, Terroir and Place
FDS901Community Food Security and Public Health
RES901Knowledge and Knowing
FDS951 Decolonising Food Systems
FDS902 Urban Agriculture: Practice and Policy
ElectivesThree electives or minor thesis option