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Withdrawal from Units or Courses

  • Students contemplating a Course Withdrawal are encouraged to discuss this with a Program Leader or equivalent who may be able to advise on other course options. These could include part time study (undertaking one or two units each semester) or applying for 'leave of absence' (time away from study up to one year).
  • Students who wish to reduce their subject load should complete an Application for Variation of Enrolment form to delete a subject, available from your Student Management Centre or the Information Centre.
  • Withdrawal from a unit or course requires completion and submission of a signed and dated Application for Course Withdrawal Form
  • The student should keep a copy of any withdrawal form that has been co-signed by William Angliss Institute, as proof of the date that the withdrawal became effective.
  • Student studying any of the VET programs, need to formally withdraw from their unit or course prior to, or on the published census date, to ensure that no tuition fee is charged. Students should monitor eStudent following a withdrawal request to ensure that the withdrawal is actioned and that any tuition fee has been reversed.
  • Post-census withdrawals will generally incur an academic penalty (fail grade) with the tuition fees remaining payable. Students who believe that they have extenuating circumstances for withdrawing post-census have up to 1 year from the withdrawal date to apply for a remission of debt, as per the Fees, Charges and Refunds procedure. The Fees, Charges and Refunds procedure also covers details related to post-census withdrawal as a consequence of a Angliss administrative error.
  • If the withdrawal is a course withdrawal, the student needs to surrender any student identification card at the Information Centre as part of the withdrawal process. A withdrawal at course level will forfeit the place and the student may be required to go through the full application, selection and admissions process again should they wish to re-apply for admission into the course.
  • Students may be eligible to apply for a refund depending on the date they withdraw from their course/unit. Please refer to the Fees, Charges and Refunds procedure.
  • International students should note that withdrawing from your course will affect your student visa. Once your course withdrawal is approved and notified in accordance with Standard 13 of the ESOS Act (2000), your Confirmation of Enrolment will be cancelled. It is strongly suggested that you contact the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) for visa information before submitting the Application for course withdrawal form. Further advice can be provided by International Office by telephoning 03 9606 2169 or emailing