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How to Pay

Before you accept your offer and enrol, it is important to understand the fees associated with your course and to make plans for how you will cover the costs. Your Statement of Fees provides you with an estimate of your total course fees. You will be only be charged one semester at a time based on the units that you enrol into.

After enrolling via eStudent, you will be able to view the total amount of fees due for your first semester of study and their due dates using the MyFinances tab. It is your responsibility to ensure that your fees are paid by the stated due dates to avoid loss of access to student services and online materials.

There's lots of different ways you can pay your fees:

  • Online payments can be made via eStudent by clicking on the MyFinances tab at the top of the screen
  • BPAY payments can be made through your online banking using the BPAY Biller Code and Reference number at the bottom of your invoice (if you require an invoice sent to you via email, please let us know at
  • In-person payments are currently unavailable during Stage 4 restrictions due to the closure of the WAI Melbourne Campus
  • Over-the-phone bank/credit card payments are currently unavailable during Stage 4 restrictions due to the closure of the WAI Melbourne Campus

Fee Assistance Options

At William Angliss Institute we understand that many students are not in a financial position to pay all of their course fees up front. This document provides information on the services and programs available to assist you in paying your fees.

The options below only apply to your tuition costs. Any other costs listed on your Statement of Fees, such as student services fees, materials and excursions must be paid in full prior to the start of classes.

Payment Plans - All Courses

Domestic students who are enrolled into a William Angliss Institute course and are unable to pay their tuition fees in full by the due date, may be eligible to apply to place some or all of their tuition fees on a payment plan. All fees for materials, student amenities, and excursions cannot be placed on a payment plan and must be paid upfront prior to applying.

Students who are eligible for VET Student Loan (VSL) or FEE-HELP are NOT eligible to apply for payment plans, except if they applied for the loan and there is a portion of the tuition that exceeds the cap amount of the loan, which is to be paid up front.

There is a $100 Payment Plan set-up fee which is payable upfront together with the first instalment of the payment plan.

Domestic students applying for a payment plan, please email the Information Centre at or call (03) 8595 5144. International students seeking a payment plan should contact the International Office at or call (03) 9606 2169.

Concessions - Certificate III and IV

If you are studying in one of our Certificate-level programs, you may be able to apply for a concession to your student fees. To be eligible for a concession, you must be enrolled in a government-subsidised place, have a valid Healthcare Card, Pensioner's Card, Veteran's Gold Card or identify as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

You can check if you have been granted a government-subsidised place by checking your Letter of Offer. If you are eligible, you must apply for a concession prior to the commencement of your classes.

Students who receive a concession get an 80% reduction in their tuition fees. The remaining 20% must either be paid upfront or placed on a payment plan (see above).

Students must ensure they reapply their concession during each new enrolment period.

Concessions - Diploma and Advanced Diploma

Concessions can only be applied at Diploma or Advanced Diploma-level programs, if you are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander. Please read about applying for concession in the section above.

FEE-HELP - Degrees

If you are an Australian citizen, New Zealand citizen, or holder of a permanent humanitarian visa, you may qualify for a FEE-HELP Loan. FEE-HELP Loans allow eligible Higher Education students to place their tuition fees on a student loan, up to a lifetime maximum limit. This amount will later be repaid through the Australian Taxation Office when your income exceeds the income threshold.

All William Angliss students who accept their offer to study in a Higher Education course will be contacted by our Student Loans team with more information on loan eligibility requirements and how to apply.

Additional information can be found in our FEE-HELP website and on Study Assist website.

VET Student Loans - Diploma and Advanced Diploma

If you are an Australian citizen, New Zealand citizen, or holder of a permanent humanitarian visa, you may qualify for a VET Student Loan. VET Student Loans allow eligible Diploma or Advanced Diploma students to place some or all of their tuition fees on a student loan. More information on VET Student Loans, including loan limits and eligibility can be found on our VET Student Loans page. Any fees not covered by your VET Student Loan will either need to be paid by their due dates or placed on a payment plan. Please find an explanation of payment plans above and refer to the VET Census Dates & Payment Deadlines page.


Third party payments (Sponsorships)

Students are liable for all course costs and ensure that payments are processed prior to each due date. However, your fees can be paid by your employer or any other third-party that agrees to meet your financial commitments. If an employer or third party is paying part or all of the fee, an Authority to Invoice Fees – Third Party form must be completed by them and submitted prior to the fee due date.”

Submission of a completed form can be done either in person or via e-mail to the Information Centre or your Education Department.