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Three Open Day questions that will shape your future

Picture this: Your alarm goes off on Saturday morning and you know that it can only mean one thing—it's Angliss Open Day. You step onto our vibrant campus, and a surge of energy electrifies the air. Good thing you registered ahead of time, so you have access to our exclusive masterclasses and information sessions. It's a pivotal moment for you as today is the day you discover your true calling. But wait, how did you get here?

Here's the secret sauce, It's all about asking the right questions. Today we're giving you a head start with some of our top student experience questions. Asking the right questions will help unveil the mysteries of life after Year 12, challenge the status quo, and determine which program is best suited for your future in foods, hospitality, events, or tourism.  

How does Angliss bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-world application, ensuring I’m to hit the ground running after completing my program?

With Speed Networking events that catapult you into the spotlight, and a Careers & Employment Expo that reveals a world of endless possibilities, success becomes within your grasp. Ask our Careers and Opportunities team about how they can help you turbocharge your journey towards success.

Pro tip: Ask us about our extensive industry partnerships with renowned organisations such as Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, Formula 1 Grand Prix, Young Tourism Network, and more. At our Info Sessions, you'll have the chance to explore exciting career pathways and course information in foods, tourism, events, hospitality and hotel management. You can go to as many as you find interesting and gain the answers to your questions about studying at Angliss.


Next year will be my first time juggling work and study. What support does Angliss offer? I'm all about independence, but could use a little backup. 

You're in good company! Swing by and have a chat with our incredible squad of Learning Advisors, Access and Disability Services, and Wellbeing and Counselling Services. They've got your back when it comes to study strategies, learning support, and even confidential mental health consultations. Trust us, these are the folks who can make your student experiences truly extraordinary. 

And guess what? We've got a little something extra just for you. Brace yourself for some seriously handy work and study hacks that we've handpicked for your benefit. We're talking scholarships, nifty planning tips, and a trusty guide called "Important Dates" that will keep you on top of your game. Oh, and if you need the lowdown on our application process and fees, head to our Expo Stands for all the details.

Pro tip: Ask us about study load to best picture a typical day for a student at Angliss. What does the daily schedule usually look like, from attending classes to engaging in extracurricular activities?


The make-or-break, why Angliss?

At Angliss, you'll be in a community of passionate like-minded individuals, not only would you fit in but you’ll thrive! Melbourne and its surroundings are teeming with successful Angliss alumni who have made significant contributions to the Foods, Hospitality, Events, Tourism, and Hotel industries. Notable achievements include Top Chef Houston and Top Chef World All Star winner Buddha Lo, World Champion Butcher Apprentice Matthew Tyquin and the involvement of many more students and graduates in iconic events such as Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, Grand Prix and more.

Events alum Samantha Holden finds Angliss to be more than just a place to refine her skills—it's a space where she constantly pushes her boundaries and experiences personal growth.

"The overall support and encouragement from the staff and the opportunities the Institute provides outside the classroom have made it an experience. I'm walking away with life skills and relationships I will tap into for years to come"

Pro tip: Don't hold back this Open Day. Experience as much as possible and ask questions unique to who you are and want to be.


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Saturday 10 August 2024

555 La Trobe St Melbourne, VIC 3000
10:00AM - 3:00PM

Get ready to unleash your potential at William Angliss Institute! Don't miss our Open Day where you can connect with expert faculty members and the vibrant Angliss community. Experience a day in the life of an Angliss student and explore thrilling opportunities beyond our campus walls.