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Tourism students seize new opportunities

Do you know what's new in the tourism industry? It's certainly much more than just itineraries and sightseeing.

William Angliss Institute students are relishing the opportunities that our undergraduate Tourism courses offer, as the demand for jobs across the industry continues to grow.

"The tourism industry is recovering faster than predicted, post the COVID-19 pandemic, and there are more diverse international and domestic travelers looking for unique and authentic experiences," said Tourism Lecturer Ngaire Griggs.

According to Business Victoria and the Australian Bureau of Statistics, as at December 2022, total tourism spend and the number of tourism jobs had returned to pre-pandemic levels.

Field trips and industry engagement are a key part of the Angliss learning experience, like immersive trips to the Great Ocean Road which included visits to Great Ocean Road Regional Tourism, the Cape Otway Lightstation and the Twelve Apostles.

"Recognised as one of Victoria's most iconic destinations and known for its stunning natural scenery, rich cultural heritage, and vibrant tourism industry, the aim of the trip was to place students into an authentic learning environment to discover more about tourism management and landscape interpretation," explained Ngaire.

Engaging with wildlife and nature are at the top on the must-see list for both local and international tourists travelling around Australia.

A visit to Wildlife Wonders gave students hands-on experience in wildlife management, including up-close encounters with koalas, kangaroos and emus, with some international students seeing these wild animals for the first time.

Wildlife Wonders was a highlight for Bachelor of Tourism (Ecotourism) student Lacey Dahlenburg, who has her sights set on working in regenerative tourism which represents a sustainable way of travelling and discovering new place. The main goal of regenerative tourism is for visitors to have a positive impact on their holiday destination, meaning that they leave it in a better condition than how they found it.

Ecotourism focuses on the emerging areas of developing environmentally sustainable and culturally responsible behaviors. "Wildlife Wonders really takes pride in taking care of the environment and bringing it back to what it used to be," said Lacey.

Nature-based tourism is in high demand post the COVID-19 pandemic, as people appreciate the health benefits, as well as the need to reconnect with our world.

Tourism Lecturer Belinda Daly draws attention to the fact that as the impact of climate change is a major future consideration, upcoming tourism leaders need to show resilience and adaptability when delivering ecotourism offerings.

"Sustainability is currently another key trend in tourism, including working with local communities to develop and deliver tourism products and conservation actions through ecotourism to sustain our unique and precious natural environment," said Belinda.

Meeting with the Accommodation Services Manager at Great Ocean Road Coast and Parks Authority, gave students insight to a new collaborative management approach to the region and allowed them to understand the complexities of the industry.

Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality student Daniel O'Brien, whose dream job is to work in strategic planning within a destination management organisation like Great Ocean Road Regional Tourism, explained how his studies have broadened his understanding of the tourism industry.

"My studies have helped me understand that tourism is not just about booking agents, hotels and airplanes. It's also about planning for the future, looking after the environment plus creating spaces to share stories, knowledge and experiences with others."

While engaging in an authentic learning model, students are introduced to problem-based learning. This is a method that encourages students to engage with real-world problems and develop solutions, with topics including tourist behavior and tourism marketing. This approach equips students with the critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are essential for a successful career in the tourism industry," said Ngaire.

On this trip, students proposed practical solutions to issues they identified.
Bachelor of Resort and Hotel Management (Professional Practice) student Melinda Chen has always been interested in giving experiences of a lifetime to guests at hotels or resorts. On this trip she learnt that vandalism in the form of carving on trees, rocks and heritage sites is prominent along the Great Ocean Road.

To combat this problem, she suggested introducing a national destination pledge which is a destination and visitor management intervention aiming to positively influence visitor behavior. "It could raise awareness and encourage tourists to pledge to respect the destination. To become responsible tourists who tread lightly and not vandalise any part of nature or sites," explained Melinda.

Daniel focused on the issue of people leaving designated paths and areas to capture 'Instagrammable' photos which puts themselves and the local ecology in dangerous situations.

"Through researching what has and has not worked in regards to changing tourist behaviors at other attractions, I proposed a three-prong solution to the issue:

  1. Hold a forum with key stakeholders to align the messaging of marketing campaigns to encourage visitors not to enter off-limit areas.
  2. Establish a network of 'Instagrammable' selfie spots, such as a selfie-tower at the Twelve Apostles, along with tips from local photographers accessible through QR codes.
  3. Adapt QR codes already used at sites along the road to further educate and inform visitors of the local ecology and its importance to the region."

Studying tourism at William Angliss Institute will enable you to forecast visitation, develop an entrepreneurial mindset and create innovative new experiences for the growing market. Career options after graduating include Destination Marketing Manager, Visitor Experience Manager or starting your own tourism business.

Get your tourism career on track with applications for the Bachelor of Tourism and other Tourism degrees currently being accepted for 2024 enrolment. Contact or call +613 9606 2111 to learn more.

Published 29 May 2023