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Scholarships Support Angliss Students

The 2023 William Angliss Institute Scholarship Ceremony, held in Melbourne, was well-received by 36 scholarship recipients, thanks to the William Angliss Institute Foundation and Institute partner of more than 30 years Nestlé Professional. The occasion enabled scholarship recipients to meet with fellow beneficiaries, staff and members of the Institute's Board.

The ceremony opened with congratulatory words from Associate Director Student Recruitment and Services Sarah Lawrie, followed by a motivational speech by former scholarship recipient Miranda Lans, who showed her gratitude for the support that she received throughout her studies at the Institute.

Currently working at the Victorian Tourism Industry Council (VTIC) as Quality Tourism Framework Accreditation Officer, Miranda encouraged students, "Keep working hard towards meeting assessment deadlines and your final exams. I was also a little nervous to graduate. Please remember, you will find your place and your people, who will share your passion for the industry."

The William Angliss Institute Foundation was established in recognition of the pioneering work in the areas of hospitality and foods by the late Sir William Charles Angliss. It provides educational opportunities and financial assistance to support those excelling in their studies and training, as well as those where a little assistance may support them to achieve their career ambitions.

Bachelor of Hotel and Resort Management student Isabella Pronesti was happy and surprised when she found out that she had been awarded The Sir William Angliss Institute Higher Education Scholarship (VIC/NSW). "I have put a lot of effort into my studies, despite hardships, so being recognised for these achievements really means a lot to me," said Isabella.

With her sights set on becoming a hotel General Manager in the future, Isabella is grateful for the scholarship and added, "I aim to use the funds to buy myself a new laptop and to assist with living and travelling expenses. I aim to keep progressing and possibly study a Masters as well. I am now much more determined and motivated to pursue my hotel career."

Blake Whichello's greatest dream is to combine his interests in cooking, baking and patisserie to create fine dining experiences. He has been awarded two scholarships this year. While pursuing his dreams and studying the Certificate III in Commercial Cookery/Certificate IV in Patisserie (Dual Qualification), he faced financial pressure in Semester 1 when his landlord raised the rent by 25%.

"I remember being on campus and telling myself that I better not buy any food but make something later instead. Checking my emails on a whim, I saw that I was awarded The Sir William Angliss Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Scholarship.

"I've been able to afford new uniforms, cookbooks for inspiration and a new tool box. I am enjoying the experience of studying a lot more since receiving the scholarship, as it has reduced my stress levels and increased my productivity," explained Blake.

Blake is also grateful for being awarded the Nestlé Golden Chefs Hat Scholarship (VIC/NSW) in Semester 2, which he aims to use for improving his understanding of nutrition, and travel overseas to learn new food preparation techniques and a new language.

The Nestlé Golden Chefs Hat Scholarship was established in recognition of Nestlé Professional's ongoing commitment to developing future leaders in the food services industry. The scholarship is awarded to domestic VET students (commencing or continuing) in the Commercial Cookery area.

Nestlé Golden Chefs Hat Scholarship (VIC/NSW) recipient Madison (Madi) Muir who is also studying the Certificate III in Commercial Cookery/Certificate IV in Patisserie (Dual Qualification), said it was an emotional experience finding out about her scholarship.

"I ran into the kitchen crying and hugged my mum. She and my grandma introduced me to cooking and baking and they helped me find my love for being in the kitchen. It was such a special moment to share with my mum.

"It's such an honour to have my love and passion for the industry acknowledged in such a generous way and I'm so excited to develop my skills and knowledge so that I can give back to the industry," said Madi.

"The scholarship will give me with greater flexibility of time, allowing me to explore other areas that I am passionate about rather than working in my spare time to meet my financial obligations, such as volunteering with Foodbank. It will also cover admission fees and equipment for further studies," Madi added.

Scholarships awarded in 2023 were:

The Sir William Angliss VET Scholarship (VIC)
• Libby Lee Lawler, Xiao Cheng Chen, Jasmine Lineage, Kyna Marsigleo, Astrid McDowell, Nicole Bao Han Ngyuen, Deborah Shen, Kayley Payne, Tara Ann Wiadrowski, Zoe Konstantas, Amaturahman Salsabil Thomas and Shirley Patcha Lekdee Anderson

The Sir William Angliss VET Scholarship (NSW)
• Britt Fletcher, Margaret Laurens and Thuy Trang Kayla Hoang

The Sir William Angliss Higher Education Scholarships (VIC/NSW)
• Victoria Bishop, Ronan Kohlmeyer, Isabella Pronesti, Carl Watson and Daniel Osborn

The Sir William Angliss Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Scholarship (VIC/NSW)
• Blake Wichello

The Sir William Angliss International Merit Scholarships (VIC/NSW)
• Sze Ching Leung, Jia Ying Chun, Hettiyakandage Mervyn Shelantha Joseph Fernando, Jesse Euclida, Le Phuong Linh Tran and Jennifer Angela Ansell

The Memorial Fund Scholarship (VIC/NSW)
• Gaurika Bhatia, Jaskaran Singh, Naim Kayahan, Kamburawela Kankanamage Gimhani Bhagya Ranaweera and Sonja Steenberg

Nestlé Golden Chefs Hat Scholarship (VIC/NSW)
• Madison Muir, Blake Whichello, Florelie Dela Cruz, May Yan and Mia Albert

We wish all scholarship recipients the best for pursing their career dreams.

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Published 18 September 2023