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Spring Excursion for Gastronomy Students

William Angliss Institute students in Gastronomic Issues and Perspectives recently donned their gumboots for a spring excursion.

The first stop was at Rose Creek Estate in Keilor East where Lina and Tony Siciliano Have created an oasis of urban agriculture surrounded by suburban development, only 15 kilometres from Melbourne’s CBD.

The students were amazed to see behind the front gates of the house was six acres of vegetables, fruit trees, grape vines and an olive grove – where they make award-winning olive oil and wines.

Gastronomy lecturer Kelly Donati said the excursion was designed to challenge the students to think outside the square and experience some of the extraordinary outcomes from this.

After visiting Rose Creek Estate, the students gain first-hand insights into ethical free range pig production at Jonai Farms. 

They enjoyed a lunch of uncommonly delicious pork sausages and homemade green tomato chutney while students watched farmer and meatsmith extraordinaire Tammi Jonas break down half a pig. 

They were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a new litter of piglets who shyly popped their heads out of the farrowing shed.

Mama Pig rooted around and ate grass while Tammi explained the principles behind the farm’s feeding and farrowing regime.

Bachelor of Culinary Management student Fernando Amore said the trip gave him a different view about the food market.

“There are different ways to approach farming and the food market in an environmentally friendly way. The way Tammi farms one of the most unusual pigs made us to think how we are can approach this in the future with our own business.

“Also we learned how we can work together as a community by helping the local farmers and buying their products instead of those which are mass produced.

“Tammi’s passion and knowledge about free-range farming was inspirational,” Fernando said. 

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