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Bugs inspire new products by Angliss students

Insect-derived protein was a key ingredient in the new products developed by final year Diploma of Food Science and Technology students for their innovative end-of-year product showcase.


The products by the winner and runner-up of the 2016 Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology award for product most likely to succeed in the marketplace both contained insect- derived protein.
Joshua Drury won with his product ‘Critter Fritters’ – Mexican-style sweet corn
cricket fritters.
“My product was designed to address the potential future protein shortages that will face the world within the next 15-20 years. Critter Fritters uses a sustainable protein source such as insects (crickets) and their potential as a highly nutritional food.
“Traditional protein and amino acid rich foods such as beef, pork and chicken require vast amounts of space, food and water. Edible insects require less off all of these things while containing more protein per gram.
“Over the past six months I have done many different formulations and trials, sensory analysis, costings, shelf life trials and so much more. I really enjoy the challenge and science behind product development,” Joshua said.
Runner-up Anatolij Martynjenko was awarded for his ‘Bugsy Laksa’, which also features insect protein in a laksa-flavoured cricket infused instant noodle dish.
“Insects are known to have higher protein content than any other meat we consume. Besides, they're also rich in calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamin B, and zinc, to name a few,” Anatolij said.

“The main reason for developing this product is the environmental impact of insect farming. With zero emissions compared to beef farming, and only a fraction of water, land and feed needed, insect farming is a sustainable way to produce food for human consumption.

“I hope it might be a small step to introduce an insect-diet in western society - they have been and still are a daily diet for over 80 per cent of world’s population,” Anatolij said.

Other products including bush tomato hummus with lemon myrtle and mountain pepper, a high-protein, low-sugar chocolate peanut ice cream and a cactus juice icy pole.

Judge Roya Khalil, Research and Projects Manager at Bega Cheese Limited, said it was tough judging the showcase as there were some really good candidates and very innovative product range.
The products were judged on innovation, sensory acceptability, market potential, presentation and packaging.

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