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New master’s degree brings food systems and gastronomy together

With a growing global focus on sustainable and ethical food systems, William Angliss Institute is set to launch Australia’s only Master of Food Systems and Gastronomy to explore the challenging problems facing contemporary food systems and cultures.

Gastronomy lecturer Kelly Donati said introducing this unique Master’s degree was an exciting step for the Institute in educating passionate people who want to make a difference in the world of food and gastronomy.

The two-year Master program prepares graduates for careers in education, local government, research, media, policy, social enterprise, the community food sector and other settings where deep knowledge of food systems and culture is needed for informed decision making and meaningful change.

“The need for qualified and capable food system professionals with interdisciplinary perspectives will be acutely felt in coming years, particularly as governments begin developing and implementing food policy at the local and state level,” Ms Donati said. “We want to support our graduates in becoming experts and leaders in contributing to food systems that are inclusive, fair, sustainable and delicious.”

Drawing on William Angliss Institute’s unique networks in industry, community and government, subjects are designed to develop and apply students’ skills in interdisciplinary thinking and critical analysis to the problems facing modern systems of food production, provisioning and consumption. In this context, it also encourages students to consider the ethical and political implications of gastronomy as a cultural schema for living and eating well. 

As a leading specialist centre for culinary training and education, William Angliss Institute is committed to expanding and sharing food knowledge with the broader community. In December 2016, it co-hosted the 21st Symposium of Australian Gastronomy. “Over four days, food scholars, researchers, producers, artisans, writers and passionate eaters came together from Australia and around the world to discuss what this year’s theme of “Utopian Appetites” means for our food future,” Ms Donati explained.

Beginning late February 2017, the William Angliss suite of postgraduate programs in food systems and gastronomy will be offered at an introductory discount of $2,000 per subject which only applies to those enrolling for semester one commencement in 2017.

Also on offer are a Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma of Food Systems and Gastronomy to be delivered across four and eight subjects respectively. Part-time enrolments are welcome across all postgraduate courses. Applications close on 31 January 2017.

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