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Award-winning patissier makes gelato magic

William Angliss Institute patisserie graduate Roy Callen is having huge success with his new Gelato business in Malaysia, achieving over 4800 followers on his Facebook page after only six months in business.

Roy graduated with his Certificate IV in patisserie from William Angliss Institute in June 2014 and after some time considering what he wanted to do, he moved to Malaysia to open Cloud Gelato café using liquid nitrogen to perfect his unique range of gelato flavours.

In 2014 Roy working with fellow student YJ Yeo won the Gold medal at the International Dilmah High Tea Challenge, competing as students against the best in the business.

 “As a student I was passionate about learning everything I could from my teachers. I wanted to be able to find a way to express my passion for desserts in a creative way and share this with people.

“In the lead up to the Dilmah High Tea competition I would make desserts and then take them around the campus and get different teachers and students to taste them and give me their feedback – good and bad and then I would use this to continually improve my skills and the final results.

“I believe in stimulating all the five senses with my desserts and gelato so I constantly work to achieve this,” Roy said.

Every month the Cloud café features a new gelato menu with innovative flavours and stories that accompany the new flavour sensations- including savoury flavours that are popular in the local market.

“It is great to challenge people’s perceptions of what a gelato flavour should be -we have had a dill gelato with a crispy salmon finish and also a laksa gelato. One month I called all my gelato flavours by social media names for fun,” Roy said.

“Because we keep a fresh menu and approach this has encouraged my customers to keep returning and then they often bring their friends too,” he said.

“Some of my clients now also bring me special ingredients and ask me to make them a unique product – for example one customer brought me some large fresh cherries to make a gelato dessert.”

With plans to franchise his gelato business, Roy is also looking to introduce plated desserts to his café in the not too distant future. 

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