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New equipment for Food Science study

More than $130,000 has been spent to upgrade equipment in the laboratories for the students studying food science and technology at William Angliss Institute.

Diploma of Food Science and Technology students, as well as those cookery students who undertake a food science elective, will benefit from newly upgraded laboratory equipment as a result of funding from the Victorian government.

More than 20 pieces of equipment have been purchased in direct response to student and teacher feedback.

Lecturer in Food Science, Kristine Wilson, said the department now has state-of-the-art analytical equipment such as rapid test kits for microbiology and the refractometer, water activity meter and the spectrophotometer for chemistry.

“This new equipment will improve the quality of our practical classes and shows continuous improvement of the course in direct response to feedback from student surveys,” Kristine said.

For example, students will have access to Novalum rapid test kits (current industry standard) to use in practical classes in microbiology and food safety units. 

“This helps ensure our students are industry-ready with even more practical experience as well as theoretical work,” Kristine said.

The Brookfield CT3 texture analyser is the latest technology in measuring density, texture, freshness, staling qualities in various foods which will be used for several practicals in Food Technology 1 classes.

“Lastly the rational oven and blast chiller enable us to teach students about thermal processing, cook chill methods, how the shelf life of packaged foods can be extended and how these methods affect sensory qualities,” Kristine said.

Students commencing a Diploma or Advanced Diploma course at the Institute may be eligible for a VET Student Loan from the Federal Government. The Diploma of Food Science and Technology has a cap of $15,000.

Studies in food science and technology incorporate food safety, chemistry, sensory analysis, quality assurance, nutrition, product development and microbiology and prepare students to work in a myriad of roles across the food industry.

The Diploma of Food Science and Technology is delivered by teachers with extensive food manufacturing industry experience, including food safety auditors, laboratory technicians, microbiologists and food technology consultants which ensures the subject matter reflects current Australian food industry applications.

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