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Students work with Iron Chefs in Sydney

William Angliss Institute students in Sydney have sharpened their skills assisting with the Iron Chef All Stars 2017 charity dinner at the Sydney Opera House on 2 August.

The four original Iron Chefs reunited on stage to deliver a gastronomic experience for diners whilst raising money for Opportunity International Australia. (http://ironchefallstars.com

The cult-classic television cooking program, Iron Chef (1993-1999), saw leading chefs of the world challenging the Iron Chefs to culinary battles in the ‘Kitchen Stadium’. Iron Chefs – Rokusaburo Michiba (Japanese), Hiroyuki Sakai (French), Kenichi Chen (Chinese) and Masahiko Kobe (Italian) reunited in Sydney for the first time since the show’s end in 1997.

Two Michelin Star chef Kentaro Chen and Asia’s Top Pastry Chef Janice Wong also joined the foursome for the dinner event.

Over three days at the William Angliss Institute Sydney campus, under the caring guidance and direction of the Iron Chefs, thirty students prepared for the special dinner event.

Following the event, the Iron Chefs generously gave their time to provide students with an interactive Masterclass at the Sydney campus on 3 August.

These students come from a range of countries including Japan, Korea, China, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Student Jake Kwack said he was thrilled to have this experience.

“I have been working with Chef Kentaro which is great in this stage of my career as I can learn more skills and start to develop my own style,” Jake said.
Sunny Ye and Winnie Yang were working with Iron Chef Rokusaburo Michiba.

“We are making the most of this amazing opportunity to work so closely with an Iron Chef. Cooking at the Opera House with all these chefs was a surreal experience and I learnt so much,” Sunny said.
Acting Manager NSW Matthew Steel said the Sydney campus was honoured to work with such culinary talent to assist in this event.

“We are delighted to assist with such an iconic world brand such as Iron Chef and the level of collaboration has been amazing,” Matt said.

Event producer Jun Hasegawa said, “We set our hearts on the Sydney Opera House as it is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and fits our purpose as the stage to exchange skills, culture and tourism between Australia and Japan. We will be fulfilling the dreams of these great Iron Chefs to cook at such an iconic landmark of Australia,” he says.

“This will be the first and last time the oldest Iron Chef, Rokusaburo Michiba, cooks outside of Japan.  He is 87 years old and has long retired, but his passion to represent Japan for such a historical culinary event got him excited to create a dish that will be the first in the world!” says Chief Executive Chef and William Angliss Institute’s Great Chef, Ikuei Arakane.

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