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Experience is Everything at Angliss Open Day

The experience industries are some of the fastest growing in the world as consumer spending moves from gathering possessions to having life experiences.

This trend is creating both jobs and business opportunities for up and coming industry professionals and entrepreneurs.  The travel and tourism sector alone was responsible for the creation of seven million new jobs worldwide in 2017 according to the World Travel Tourism Council’s (WTTC) Economic Impact Research.

The opportunities for experience industry professionals are not just limited to working in Australia.  Australian entrepreneurs have created a whole new market for Melbourne coffee and laneway breakfast in New York. Many Australian chefs and restaurateurs are making their mark in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Las Vegas.

This year at the Angliss Open Day, on Sunday 12 August we have invited industry leaders from the ‘experience industries’ of foods, hospitality, tourism and events to share their insights on how to make your mark in the industry, how to take advantage of opportunities and the pitfalls to avoid.

Australian chef and restaurateur Luke Mangan will chair a panel with restaurant owner Matteo Pignatelli and Bellota head chef Nicky Riemer and discuss the rewarding and varied career paths that hospitality and cookery can offer.

William Angliss Institute is a proven specialist in developing leaders in the experience industry and some of our alumni return to share their insights and inspire us.  You can come along to Industry Insight events across the day, and hear from the employers and experts in tourism and hotel management, events and the hospitality industries.

Our own Angliss experts will also be  conducting demonstrations throughout the day across a  wide range of specialities from how to sous-vide, create coffee and milk art, produce a dining event showcasing the differences between the Yarra Valley and the Mornington Peninsula and much more.

People born between 1980 and 2000 increasingly favour experiences over possessions, according to data from KPMG, PwC, Bank of America and Macquarie and this is driving a booming economy with an estimated 123,000 more workers needed in the tourism and hospitality industries by 2020.

This has created a new and growing demand for industry professionals who have the energy and ideas to fill the gap with new services and experiences for local and international markets.
William Angliss Institute is recognised as the education and training specialist for foods, tourism, hospitality, events and hotel management and is committed to preparing the next generation of experience industry professional with the skills and qualifications they need.

For more information, visit angliss.edu.au/openday
William Angliss Institute Melbourne Open Day
When: 10am-3pm, Sunday 12 August 2018
Where: 555 La Trobe Street, Melbourne

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