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Employers can find many exceptional candidates at William Angliss Institute.

It's not just students and graduates who benefit from William Angliss Institute's courses, degrees and training. Employers can benefit from our programs too, in more ways than one. If you're considering hiring some new skilled graduates or think your existing workforce could benefit from further industry training, it's likely we have a solution to suit your needs. Here's just a small snapshot of what we can offer to organisations and employers at the Institute:

Employing an Institute graduate

The most obvious benefit to employers the Institute can provide is the opportunity to employ passionate, trained and well-rounded employees. It's no secret that Australia faces a major skills shortage year on year, and hiring graduates who have gone through the Institute's extensive training regimes is one way of addressing this gap in your own organisation. 

One of the major programs at the Institute is food industry training. According to the Australian Government's Skills Shortages rundown for 2014, this industry has some of the hardest vacancies to fill by skilled workers. Hire one of our talented graduates and you may find it easier to meet the challenges of hiring for these positions.

William Angliss Institute Careers and Employment Services can also help to connect your business with graduates and current students to help meet your employment needs.

Ongoing training

Once you've hired new employees and trained them up for the job, it can be easy to think that this is where the workplace learning stops. However, ongoing industry training can be incredibly beneficial for both your business and employees, according to the Government of South Australia's Skills for All program. Not only can you continue to upskill your staff in order to better meet the needs of your operation, but it can help boost employee motivation and satisfaction.

Our trainers can deliver tailored learning solutions in travel, retail, tourism, hospitality and the food service industry, with customised programs helping you to target exactly what you need. Training can take place on site in your office or on campus, with E-learning also available. Help your employees build on their current skill set or diversify with our training programs, which offer nationally recognised units and qualifications. Short courses can be great for corporate team bonding activities and we also offer professional development for trainers and assessors.

How Adam Braybon turned his scuba diving passion into a career

A love of scuba diving can lead to the career of a lifetime.

Adam Braybon has one of those jobs we all dream of. Not only is he a scuba diving instructor, where he plunges into spectacularly beautiful water each day to help others experience the joy of diving, but he does it in one of the world's most beautiful destinations – Vanuatu.

He graduated from the William Angliss Institute Resorts Management Program, completing his Dive specialisation in 2013 to graduate that December. He says he was fortunate to find work shortly after completing his degree, leading him to the career he'd always dreamed of.

"The contacts that Xavier and the staff at Scuba Culture have developed over the past gave me contact with dive shops around the world," says Adam.

A successful career

One of the contacts Adam established upon graduation was Aquamarine, located in Santo, Vanuatu. He now works as Operations Manager/Dive Instructor for the company, which prides itself on its friendly and professional service that helps first timers and experienced divers alike explore the waters of this topical island. Understandably, Adam is loving it. "I am living the dream of working on a tropical island with wonderful people," he says.

Adam Braybon is living his dreams. 


He went into his studies after falling in love with scuba diving and chose the dive stream of the resort management program to help further his training. He credits the Institute as instrumental in giving him the skills and knowledge he needs to do his job to the highest possible level.


"The knowledge that was imparted by William Angliss and Scuba Culture has allowed me to take on this role with confidence and work closely with the store owner to make diving with Aquamarine as safe, comfortable and enjoyable as possible," Adam says.


Learning at William Angliss Institute


The partnership with Scuba Culture in the Dive program was a positive one for Adam's studies, giving him valuable on-the-ground experience to help him further his dive skills. 


"Through the partnership with Scuba Culture I have been able to change my passion for viewing our underwater environment into a job sharing one of the world's best wreck dives with people and watching their joy as they discover what the SS President Coolidge has to offer."


He credits the Institute with teaching him management skills and practices that he employs in his current role, where he says the culturally diverse guests have helped him improve his understanding of other cultures. Divers have come from as far away as the UK, USA, Russia, Noumea and Czech Republic. As for Vanuatu itself, it goes without saying that it is an idyllic work environment.


"There are many highlights to working in Vanuatu. The people of Vanuatu, Ni-Vanuatu, are a caring and friendly people who are very accepting and open to others. They make a visitor feel very welcome. My workmates have become an extension of my family and vice versa," Adam says.


Orientation Week Starts Bumper 75th Year at William Angliss Institute

William Angliss Institute is preparing to welcome domestic and international VET students next week for orientation in its 75th anniversary year.

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Tourism Students Get Cruising


William Angliss Institute student Taylor Rantanen is now working regularly at Melbourne Pier for Abercrombie & Kent.


















William Angliss Institute tourism students have gained invaluable experience working on the busiest cruise ship season on record for Melbourne.

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The benefits of ongoing training in the workplace

Ongoing training is vital to any successful business.

Your employees' training shouldn't stop after their induction period, nor should their education cease after school. With William Angliss Institute's industry training programs, your team of workers can develop and expand their skill​ sets to keep up with your growing business demands.

Corporate training can serve to improve an employee's poor performance or enhance their already stellar skills to allow them advance to a new job title. It can be incorporated as part of an ongoing professional development program across your staff, and used to help show employees you care about their skills and how they contribute to your company. If your company is expanding or tackling a new part of the industry, additional training can help to brief your staff on their new responsibilities.

Workplace training and professional development go hand in hand, but while the latter focuses mainly on the benefits to the individual workers, workplace training typically serves to enhance and better the organisation as a whole, as well as give workers new and improved skills. Training can be organisation-specific and can be completed onsite at your business or on campus. 

The Institute's range of training programs include E-learning and blended delivery. Some training takes place in the workplace while other programs incorporate campus facilities. Indigenous Learning Programs are also on offer, as are nationally recognised qualifications and training units in a range of industries. Offer your employees the chance to complete customised short courses or have them undertake full qualifications to help them take the next step in the workplace.

Along with filling your company with more skilled and qualified performers, industry training can boost your employees' job satisfaction and morale, along with their motivation. When they realise you are committed to putting time and money into their ongoing development, they are more likely to want to contribute positively to your company. 

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